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Welcome to Glaucoma laser

Glaucoma is a disease causing irreversible damage to optic nerve leading to blindness.

Proper and prompt treatment of glaucoma is very important to avoid vision loss. Eye pressure plays a vital role in progression of glaucoma.

Glaucoma can be treated by 

Eligibility for glaucoma laser treatment

Laser Treatment For Glaucoma Is Not For Everyone & Below Questionnaire Will Help Us To Decide It.

Are you a suitable candidate for glaucoma laser? (Please tick the boxes applicable to you and click proceed)

You seem to be not eligible candidate for floater laser. Please consult your eye doctor regarding the floater treatment.

About the Procedure

Our Service To Give Best Care For Your Eyes Using Laser Machine (Cyclo G6)

Laser machine (Cyclo G6) is in the market from past 6 years and is US FDA approved machine. It reduces eye pressure by process of cyclophotocagulation of cells lining the ciliary body (Main part of eye secreting aqueous fluid which exerts eye pressure) by emitting infrared wavelength rays.

The procedure takes around 160 seconds (Approx. 2 – 3 minutes). One eye is operated at a time by giving local anaesthesia.

Cost of whole procedure is around INR. 45,000/- and is covered under the insurance.

This laser is suitable for all the patients who are above 10 years of age.

What to do and What not to do?

Patient needs to take care of the following points after the procedure


Continue all your daily activities

Consult your doctor if you experience pain on the 2nd day of procedure.

Continue putting antiglaucoma drops

Continue with your comfortable sleeping position


No heavy weight lifting after the surgery, till doctor advices

No strenuous exercises

Avoid Yoga For 3 weeks

What to Expect?

It takes about 3 months for the eye pressure to fall down. Initially there might be rise in eye pressure due to steroid medication and drops (given for 3 weeks).

After 3 months if your target eye pressure is achieved, your eye drops might be stopped or reduced, which would be decided by doctor.

Follow-ups till 3 months is mandatory.

If the eye pressure does not reach the target then the procedure will be repeated after 18 months.

Glaucoma Laser Treatment Procedure

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